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Object area —

Bill of Finishing Materials

The table contains a list of finishing materials: their exact name, article (if any), amount of material and / or area excluding stock.
Finishing materials: wall covering (paint, wallpaper, decorative panels, plaster, etc.), floor covering (engineering board, parquet board, laminate, etc., ceramic tile, ceiling coating, etc.


It includes positions in furniture, large and built-in household appliances, plumbing, lighting and decoration materials. It contains hyperlinks to specific positions in online stores, the required quantity (without calculating stock), the cost in US dollars, as well as the type of position and room affiliation. If it is impossible to purchase in the online store, contacts of representatives of offline stores are provided and a commercial offer is attached.

For items made to order: kitchen, wardrobes, etc. The specification contains the approximate price, contacts of the recommended manufacturer and the designer’s comments necessary for ordering.

Note! The specification does not include: wardrobes, multimedia devices, wiring accessories, climate equipment and components of other engineering systems, decoration elements (paintings, vases, figurines, flower pots, etc.).

Responsibility: The Studio undertakes to provide a replacement for any position if, within 2 (two) months from the completion of work on the Specification, it is found that: a) the supplier’s hyperlink or contacts have lost their relevance; b) the item is not in stock and will not appear within the time frames specified in the Specification.

The hyperlink or the supplier’s contact is replaced with the exact same position, if possible, otherwise the Studio selects an alternative as close as possible to the characteristics.

Cost: 350 000 руб.
To order

The basic structure of the design project

measurement plan

The image of the room (top view) made on a reduced scale. The measurement plan reflects the dimensions of each wall, window and doorways, as well as the binding of risers of house engineering systems. This is where the creation of a design project begins.

Dismantling / mounting plans for walls and partitions

The dismantling plan shall indicate all the walls / partitions to be dismantled (or fragments thereof), as well as their binding to the external walls of the room. In the same drawing, replacement of windows, doors, heating devices can be noted. According to such a plan, builders can get a good idea of ​​the forthcoming dismantling work and construction waste, which must then be disposed of.

The mounted plan provides sufficient information about the walls / partitions being built (dimensions, location, binding). Additionally, recommended materials for construction may be indicated. Also in the drawing may contain data on the size of the openings, podiums and niches. Based on the installation plan, you can approximately calculate the amount of basic building materials.

Furniture Planning Solution

It is one of the first and most important results of the joint work of the Designer and the Customer, as it creates the ergonomics of future housing. The agreed version of the planning decision is not subject to further changes and is the foundation for future 3D-visualization, as well as for the preparation of the rest of the working documentation.

First, we prepare 1-2 options for a planning solution. The customer has the opportunity to make a one-time adjustment of any volume in one of the options. After preparing the final version and agreeing on the planning decision, it is not subject to further change and is the foundation for further work on the design project.

Ceiling plan

On the plan of ceilings, the main levels of ceiling structures are necessarily noted, the types of materials used are indicated. In the case of complex / non-standard elements, their schematic diagrams / sections with details can be additionally applied.

Floor plan

The floor plan for each room displays the types of floor coverings, the pattern of their installation, and the amount of materials. Also, the plan may contain information about the location and levels of the podiums, steps and dividing thresholds.

Lighting scheme

It is a drawing with the designation of the location of lighting fixtures (spotlights, chandeliers, sconces, LED strips). Optionally it can be combined with a plan for arranging furniture for clarity.

Layout plan of switches with reference to light sources

Plan of electrical outlets

The plan indicates the height and location on the walls of the electrical outlets, electrical cable leads and the findings of low-current networks with a description of their purpose.

Interior elevations

Frontal projection of the walls of the room. A drawing where you can see the types of coatings for decorative wall decoration, the dimensions and location of niches and ledges.

3D interior visualization

These are realistic images of a high degree of detail created in special programs based on a three-dimensional model. Such images make it possible to obtain a sufficient complete visual representation of the interior before it becomes a reality: In addition to the obvious advantages, this makes it possible to make the necessary adjustments at the design stage, which is significantly cheaper than reworking the finished interior.

Not visualized: contents of dressing rooms and pantries, contents of cabinets, kitchen sets, etc.

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Area of the apartment - 30 sq.m.

The sheet of finishing materials — 30 000 руб.

Design project — 150 000 руб.

Final cost: 180 000 руб.

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